Once upon a time

I started a Hero System campaign with no more thought then that it would be a modern-day “superheroes” setting, something like the TV show Heroes.

The campaign has grown, over four years, six chapters, 22 sessions, and two different game systems, to be its own entity. With interesting player characters, some interesting NPCs, and even an overarching plot slowly weaving its way towards a final showdown.

Except for the PCs, it’s hardly ground breaking. I would describe it now as Heroes meets the Dresden Files with a bit of X-Men style mutant paranoia thrown in and the generic title of the campaign is becoming increasingly inaccurate.

This blog is an attempt at several things all at once. To develop a blogging habit by doing my best to post something everyday. To describe and develop the game setting for myself and the players and possibly for posterity. Since I’ve moved the campaign from Hero System to FATE, I’ve considered making a book out of the whole thing and I think that most of the salability of such a book has got to be the setting. (That idea may deserve a post of its own.) This blog is also going to be a place for me to work out game design and mechanically stuff. And…I’m hoping as some sort of byproduct of all this activity, the perfect title for this setting will present itself to me.

That concludes the first post of this endeavour.

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