Prologue – The Bank Fight


Somewhere on the California coast is a small fishing town blessed with beautiful countryside but an anemic economy. Lately though, a small number of very wealthy people from LA have built enormous mansions in the hills around the town. Now, fancy boutiques pose next to slouching beer joints and immigrants labor in the summer sun to build new tracs of upper middle housing.

On an early Friday evening, just before five o’clock, long lines are forming at the Citizens Business Bank as construction workers and cubicle dwellers queue up inside to deposit checks or draw out cash. It’s only natural that the ATMs would stop working just before closing on the last work day of the month of June. As the bank’s rotunda fills with irritated customers the lone security guard fidgets nervously with his accessory belt and tries not to eye the crowd too suspiciously.

Somewhere in the crowd a black leather boot taps restlessly on the neutral colored carpet, leaving behind dried flakes of dirt which have, only faintly now, the rich smell of mud from deep mountain forests. Though his foot is restless, Traveler’s eyes stare unfocused at some distant point in time. Just ahead of him in line waits a brooding giant of a man named Connor Sheppard whose clothing reeks of pot. Sheppard deliberately bumps the man ahead of him with an elbow and mutters an apology, but thankfully he eases Connor’s nerves by giving him a little more room. Both men have checks in hand from a week of building houses.

Across the street from the CBB an unassuming young Japanese man is dining on some modestly good sashimi and watching a new customer approach the ATM outside the bank, read a small sign posted on its screen, and then notice the crowd inside. “Interestingly” Xino notes, “the percentage that just walk away at this point has remained fairly constant since the out-of-order sign was first put up.”

A moment later a red Bugatti Veyron flashes down the street and displays the amazing power of its braking system by stopping in front of the bank instead of crashing through the front door. Inside the bank those by the door draw back in alarm and one teenage girl screams. There’s a bit of rumbling and some snide remarks about these Hollywood types but then the driver steps out of his car and the crowd in the bank becomes totally silent. Nearly everyone, even the tellers, stop to watch this amazingly handsome and radiant man, a blonde model at his side, stride though the parting crowd and head for the elevator to the second story.

A few minutes after this amazing man disappears in the elevator, another car stops suddenly in front of the bank, but this time it’s an unmarked white van. From the back and side doors, ten men emerge. The first nine wear grayish camouflage over the obvious bulk of body armor and are carrying assault rifles at the ready. The first man to exit the van makes a few hand motions as the group rushes the front doors of the bank, but in the chaos that begins, no one inside the bank notices what Xino sees from his vantage across the street. Two of the men break away from the back of the pack and proceed to slash the tires of the Bugatti Veyron. As they finish their sabotage someone inside fires his rifle and almost as if it was a signal, the two begin to run around the outside of the bank. People inside the restaurant rush to the window at the sounds of gun fire to see what’s going on, but all they can really see is Xino half-way across the street to the bank and the tenth man stepping down from the back of the van; dark skinned, with long dreadlocks wearing a faded black tee shirt, baggy sweat pants and carrying a six foot long staff.

A wave of people trying to get away from the front door breaks around Traveler and Concussion in the center of the rotunda as the seven armed men storm into the bank. The leader fires a spray of bullets into the ceiling and shouts in a thick Eastern European accent, “You will all please to lying on the floor! This being bank robbery!” He makes two quick gestures towards the elevator and two more of the men begin to move in that direction and then just as quickly, he turns his rifle towards the lone security guard who is not cowering on the floor with the rest, but standing nearby with his hand frozen near his holstered hand gun.

Map of the Bank Fight

The Bank Fight

A terrified crowd shivers in terror on the floor. The lights and the computers and the air conditioning all turn off simultaneously. A finger twitches on the trigger of an assault rifle aiming at the head of a young man in a blue security guard’s uniform. The young man’s face is a stark mask of bowel piercing fear. His mind is frozen on the image of the rifle barrel, unable to hear the bald man shouting at him to get on the ground, unable to see any possibility but his violent death, unable to understand what impulse had made his hand reach for his gun in the first place. His entire life is being sucked into the blackness of the rifle barrel when the mundane crinkling of a candy wrapper shatters the ice around his rational mind. Perhaps if he slowly moves his hand away from his hand gun he won’t feel the hammer impact of bullets penetrating his body.

Traveler reaches up onto a teller’s desk and grabs a complimentary peppermint.  He is careful to deposit the wrapper in the little trash bin at the desk’s side.  One of the gunmen whirls at the noise.  “No moving!”

“Don’t do this,” says Traveler.  “Look at these people.  They’re not CEOs.  They’re just trying to feed their kids.”

The gunman waves his weapon at Traveler and sneers.  “Not your business, proigravwij.  Anyway, is insured.  F D I C.”

“So instead of stealing from some people, you’re stealing from everyone,” mutters Traveler.  “Great.”

“Want new eye?” snarls the gunman, ramming a finger at his own forehead.  “Like Cyclops?  Then shut mouth!”

“Shut up, man!” hisses one of the customers on the floor.  “Don’t make things worse!”

Traveler stops talking and sucks on his mint.  He notices a row of hot coffee decanters on the counter not too far away.  Probably nasty mass-produced dishwater.  He catches the security guard’s eye–the bank robbers are already moving to disarm him–and shakes his head in warning.  Not worth your life, man.

Traveler whispers to Concussion “Let them get the money first.  We can hit them on the way out; you get them at the front doors, I’ll hit them outside from behind.” Concussion nods an agreement and begins scoping out the placement of the mercenaries. (Turn 1, Segment 12, DEX 30 – 23)

“My friend, please go and hide upon that man’s hair.” Xino whispers to a small beetle on his finger. “I will find you.” The female beetle takes flight from his finger and quickly disappears from sight in the dreadlocks of the man who waits by the van watching Xino for any sign of threat. Though to Xino the smell of the pheromones is strong and the males in his body want to follow immediately. He calms them and tells them to be patient.

Xino continues to watch the bank not knowing what is going on inside; hoping that the local police are far enough away that this doesn’t become a hostage situation.

The man in dreadlocks decides Xino is no threat to his operation and turns back to watch the action inside the bank. (Turn 1, Segment 12, DEX 21)

In a now dark upstairs office Vivian whispers to Julian, “I had four bars when we came in here but now I don’t have any signal. I’ll try the desk phone…that’s dead too.”

“Stay very quiet.” Julian orders as he carefully leaves the office to scout the second floor. He hears Traveler’s discussion with the mercenaries downstairs. A quick glance down the hall confirms Julian’s suspicion that there are likely no other civilians on the second floor but also reveals the shadows of two men with guns entering from the backstairs at the same time the elevator dings open on the second floor. Julian ducks back in to the office locks the door and pulls the shades on the window, hoping the mercenaries will not search the second floor exhaustively. However, the mercenaries begin opening each office, and blasting every locked door with Shok-lok shotgun shells.

“They’re looking for me,” whispers the bank manager, Richard Wilson, whom Julian came here to discuss a business loan with. “They’re killing everyone! Oh God!”

“Be quiet!” Julian hisses, “we’re the only ones up here, they’re just shooting the doors open.”  (Turn 1, Segment 12, DEX 21).

A few seconds later (Turn 2, Segment 12, DEX 14. Everyone has held actions) the lock plate of the office door explodes violently and the mercenary outside kicks the door in to find three people with hands raised. At the sight of the heavily armed men, Richard Wilson’s knees buckle a little in fear. However, instead of grabbing the bank manager and hauling him out, the mercenary speaks into a radio pinned on his left breast, “Upstairs it is now our control.”

As this signal comes across a radio inside the criminal’s white van the man with dreadlocks speaks in a Jamaican accent to someone inside, “Get ready, mon. We be goin’ soon,” as he strings many large black duffel bags on his staff and carries them into the bank. (Turn 3, Segment 3, DEX 27).

While the four mercenaries searched the upstairs, the five downstairs cleared a path through the quailing crowd from the front door to the vault door so that now, the man with dreadlocks can stride through the bank with three of the mercenaries to the vault and disappear for a while, returning with his staff stretched across his back like a yoke and the bulging duffels strung across it, three mercenaries carrying four bags each. (Turn 6, Segment 9, DEX 14).

The four mercenaries from upstairs walk Julian, Vivian, and Richard downstairs and tell them to lie down at the edge of the crowd near the elevator. Two stay to watch the crowd from here and the other two rush to help with the looting.

After a final load has been brought out the man in dreadlocks addresses the crowd, “You all been real nice and you betta stay nice if you want to live ta see ya families again.” As the bulk of the robbers load the van, the four mercenaries left inside begin to back slowly away. Two from the front doors and two from the back doors.  (Turn 9, Segment 12).

As the two mercenaries withdraw through the glass front doors Traveler silently disappears from his position crouched on floor and reappears next to the refreshments table where he grabs a large metal coffee urn. The mercenaries swing their rifles towards the motion but stop and gape like someone who’s seen through a mirage because Traveler isn’t there anymore; he’s standing behind them swinging the coffee urn at the bald mercenary’s back. A spray of brown coffee and grounds splashes against the glass doors as Traveler connects with a dull clang and the mercenary is thrown four meters forward into the center of the startled bank crowd, his head pounding so loudly in his ears that he barely notices the civilians grabbing his rifle away from him.

Turn 9, Segment 12, DEX 23. Traveler uses his held action against the merc with a held action. Neither is trying to use a defensive action so they make DEX roll offs to see who goes first. Traveler makes his by 6, Merc by 0.

Traveler uses a Move By Maneuver

Traveler moves (10” blink) to get behind them. END Cost 4 (1+3).

Traveler has OCV 6 (8-2 Move By), DCV 12 (8+5 CSL-2 Move By).  He attacks a mercenary with a DCV of 5. Traveler gets a +3 OCV Surprise Bonus. Final attack roll is 15-. Rolls: 9

Normal Dmg 10d6 (STR 2 (4/2 Move By), 2 (10”/5), Fighting Prowess 3, Improvised Weapon 3). END Cost 4 (2+1+1). Rolls: 30 Stun 7 Body.

Merc has 10 PD (4 + 6r Body armor on 14- activation roll.) he takes 20 Stun 0 Body. He has 30 STUN so he’s not unconscious but his CON is 13 so he’ll be at ½ DCV until his next action, which he will lose recovering from stun.

Coffee pot takes 1/3 of the damage 3d6. Rolls (wow!) 17 Stun 5 Body and is utterly destroyed.

Knockback is 2d6. Rolls: 5, so the Merc is knocked back 2” (7 Body – 5 Roll) into the bank lobby. He takes 1d6 ND from the KB, Rolls: 1 which his defenses absorb.

At the same moment the mercenaries swing their rifles towards Traveler, Connor Sheppard raises himself onto one knee in the middle of the crowd. The air around him shimmers like the air above a fire as he carefully aims a closed fist at the mercenary standing near to Traveler, but at the same instant the mercenary raises his rifle at Connor, intending to bring this little insurrection to an end. The rifle chatters, a wave of invisible force leaps from Connor’s fist and the mercenary gets the worst of the exchange. The bolt hits his chest like an enormous fist and launches him past Traveler and through the bank’s thick glass doors like they were water. The peripheral force of the blast blows out all the windows in the bank’s entry way. Shards of glass rain down everywhere and the mercenary collides with the side of the getaway van, leaving an impressive dent. The mercenary’s burst of bullets disappear with a bright flash in the shimmering aura around Connor but he still sinks to the floor cringing in pain.

Turn 9, Segment 12, DEX 23. Concussion uses his held action simultaneously with Traveler against the other mercenary with a held action. Neither is using a defensive action so they roll off. Concussion makes his by 2, Merc makes his by 2. So they go simultaneously.

Concussion activates his Force field, which goes before the attacks because it’s a defensive action. He also reduces his DCV to 0 to reduce the chances of innocents getting hit by a stray shot. END Cost 6.

Concussion has OCV 13 (10+3 CSL), DCV 10. He’s 10” away from the merc, which is a -3 OCV. Concussion uses a Brace maneuver to get +2 PSL vs. Range but will leave him at ½ DCV until his next Phase. His final attack roll is 18-. He rolls: 11.

Normal Damage 10d6 (Force Blast) END Cost 5. Rolls: 37 Stun, 11 Body. END Cost 5.

Merc has 10 PD (Body Armor activated) so he takes 27 Stun and 1 Body. He is also stunned.

Knock back is 2d6. Rolls: 5. Knockback is 6” (11 Body – 5 Roll). He flies through the glass doors and 3” (6” – 3” (Glass: 1 DEF 2 Body)) further into the side of the van. He takes 6d6 Normal damage. Roll. 15 Stun 3 Body. For +5 Stun over all. So, he will be unconscious. Van door takes 3d6 from his impact. Rolls 2 Body -3 DEF = nothing.

Merc had OCV 8 (5+2 CSL +1 OCV Rifle) vs. Concussion with DCV of 0. -3 OCV for Range. Final Attack roll is 15-. Rolls 14 which is 1 hit from the merc’s auto fire rifle.

Assault Rifle is 2d6 Killing Damage with a +1 Stun Multiplier. Rolls: 10 Body, 50 Stun (10*Stun Multiplier of 5.  ½d6+1 (Rolled: 6) +1). No Knockback.

Concussion has 25 PD (10 + 15r Force Field). So he takes 0 Body (10-15) and 25 Stun (50-25). Because Concussion’s CON is only 20, he’ll be stunned and at ½ DCV until his next action.

Seeing the mayhem begin, Julian hears the pleading voices of all those innocents he was unable, or unwilling, to save from killers like these throughout his unnaturally long life, and decides to take action himself. Laying the floor facing the front doors, he spins around on his hands like a break dancer to change his facing and drops into a forward roll. The momentum brings him to his feet between the startled mercenaries, his legs planted behind theirs to be sure they trip as he plants a hand in each of their faces and uses all his strength and momentum to slam them backwards onto the carpeted concrete floor.

Turn 9, Segment 12, DEX 23. Julian uses his held action against the mercenaries held actions. DEX Roll +1 vs. their roll of -2.

Julian sweeps a Martial Throw.

Julian has OCV 8 (7 + 2 CSL + 1 Surprise Bonus – 2 for 2 Sweep Attacks), DCV 5 (9 + 1 Martial Throw * ½ for Sweep). His final attack roll vs. DCV 5 is 14-. Rolls: 8 and 7.

Julian, driven to protect his friends and the other innocents, pushes his STR to 35 to increase his chances of stunning both mercs.

END Cost 12 (2 normal + 10 Push STR by 10).

Julian’s final damage is 8d6. (7 STR + 1 from Martial Arts).

First Merc takes 33 Stun 9 Body and has 10 PD (Armor activated) for 23 Stun and 0 Body. He will be stunned and prone, but not unconscious.

Second Merc takes 35 Stun 12 Body and has 10 PD (Armor Activated) for 25 Stun and 2 Body. He will be stunned and prone, but not quite unconscious.

Xino is trying to act inconspicuous and keep an eye on the robbery at the same time, when he hears the dull thump of someone being struck in the torso followed by the sound of rifle fire almost drown out by the deep rumble of Concussion’s force blast. As the mercenaries are distracted by a shower of broken glass and one of their number being slammed into the side of the van, Xino finds a discreet place behind the Bugatti Veyron from which to launch an attack of his own. “Go,” he speaks quietly, “go and obscure the sight of those inside that van.” As he speaks ominous but unnoticed buzzing arises and streams of tiny black insects of race from every possible opening in Xino’s clothing to floor the white van with their numbers.

Turn 9, Segment 12, DEX 21. Xino moves behind the Bugatti Veyron and uses his held action to launch a Darkness attack at the van.

Xino has OCV 7, DCV 4 (7*½ Brace). He’s 9” away from the van which is a -3 OCV. Xino also uses a Brace maneuver for +2 PSL vs. Range. He’s targeting a hex which has a DCV of 3 which makes his final attack roll 14-. Rolls: 10. END Cost 5.

Darkness takes effect.

Feeling the yoke of helplessness lifting from them, the civilians in the bank proceed to pummel the three mercenaries still inside deep into unconsciousness while outside, six others and the man in dreadlocks leap out of the van.

“Seems things are maybe not so easy like you say before Ghost Dance.”

“You rescue da odas,” responses the man in dreadlocks, his eyes following the streams of insects, “I take care of dat Jap Boy den we can go. Simple.”

The mercenaries split into trios. The first group begins a barrage of fire into the bank that pins Traveler behind what used to be some wall between two windows, but now it more like a pillar. Bullets powder the brick wall outside and crack into the ceiling and walls inside the bank while the other trio of mercenaries move through the front door, hoping to get a clear shot. Once inside, they bring their rifles up and fire three point blank bursts at Traveler who, trapped on all sides, seems to flicker imperceptibly and the mercenary’s bullets destroy only the refreshments table behind him.

Turn 9, Segment 12, DEX 14. 3 mercs use Suppression Fire against Traveler who is 3” away. They each fire 5 shots covering the two hex lines to either side of the pillar Traveler is behind. OCV 7 (AF 5 * 3 / 2 Hex Lines -2 Suppression Fire +2 CSL) DCV 5. Attack roll vs. DCV 13 is 5-, but only applies if Traveler tried to move from behind the pillar.

The other 3 Mercs take a 3” half move to the front door so they have a clear shot at Traveler and fire. OCV 7 (5+2CSL) DCV 5. Against DCV 11 (13-2 Cramped Area for dodging) Three attacks at 7-, all miss.

Turn 9. Post Segment 12. Recoveries for everyone.

The pain and the bright lights finally clear from Concussion’s head but he still hears the sounds of gun fire all around him. He tastes the grit and gunpowder in his dry mouth and feels the bent frame of overturned Humvee trapping his legs. Then, like it always does, that panicked voice comes over the radio, “We’re under really [STATIC] here! Where the fuck are you guys!”

Turn 10, Segment 2, DEX 30. Concussion recovers from being stunned.

The man the mercenary called Ghost Dance sprints towards the Bugatti and as he reaches it plants his hands on the roof and launches a spectacularly acrobatic Capoeira kick at Xino’s face as he drops down on Xino’s side of the car. However, an incredibly thick cloud of large beetles seem to throw themselves in the way of Ghost Dance’s blow and though they absorb most of the ferocious attack, Xino is knocked to the ground his ears ringing from the impact. The clouds of bugs around him disappear as quickly and mysteriously as they appeared.

Turn 10, Segment 3, DEX 27. Ghost Dance, OCV 14 (9+4 CSL +1 Flying Kick) DCV 7 (9-2 Flying Kick). END Cost: 2+1+3 STR

Xino Aborts his Segment 3 Action to Dodge. DCV 10 (7+3). Activate Swarm. Deactivates Dorkness. END cost 3.

GD’s final attack roll to hit DCV 10 is 15-. Rolls: 8.

Damage 12d6. Rolls: 38 Stun 13 Body vs. 19 PD. Xino takes 19 Stun and 0 Body. He is stunned.

Knockback 3d6, Rolls: 13. Xino is only knocked to the ground.

Traveler watches the Japanese man disappear behind the Bugatti as the Jamaican’s foot descends ruthlessly on his face and thinks to himself, “Looks like that guy has attracted himself some big trouble. Think I’ll go get my fair share. Wouldn’t hurt to maybe get these jackasses firing away from the bank either.” Traveler grabs a large black ashcan and yells, “Connor! Hold them off I’ll be right back!” Wielding the ashcan as a shield, he races across the lawn towards the Bugatti without checking his speed. Both mercenary trios cease fire and try to keep Traveler in their sights as he flies by. At the moment Traveler would have collided with the side of the car he suddenly appears several yards beyond it but racing back towards it and his target with all his momentum preserved for a colossal blow that sends Ghost Dance through the passenger side door of the sports car and mangling the ashcan beyond all recognition.

Turn 10, Segment 3, DEX 23. OCV 9 (8+2 CSL -2 for 12” Move Through) DCV 11 (8-3 for move through +3 DCV shield + 3 CSL).

For moving through a Suppressed Hex Traveler is attacked once at OCV 7. Final Attack roll is 7-, rolls: 13 for the miss. The mercs stop firing. They’ve used 20 rounds each.

Final attack roll vs. DCV 7 is 13-. Rolls: 9.

END Cost: 6

Normal damage is 4+3+4+3 = 14d6. Rolls: 52 Stun and 14 Body.

Knockback is 2d6, rolls: 8 for 6” of knockback into the Bugatti for 6d6 dmg. And 22 Stun and 7 Body. +2 Stun for Ghost Dance and 4 Body to the Car

Traveler’s ash can takes ½ dmg from the move through. 26 Stun and 7 Body leaving it pretty much destroyed.

Ghost Dance has 20 PD. He takes 32 Stun and 0 Body. He will be Stunned.

“My clan is grateful to you, stranger.” Xino speaks to Traveler in a quiet voice.

Turn 10, Segment 3, DEX 21. Action was aborted.

Inside the bank Julian speaks in clear and commanding voice, “Listen everyone! I need you all to leave by the back very quickly and quietly.”

Vivian then takes command, “Follow me.” She efficiently leads the crowd out the back door with one glance backwards at Julian who, with one of the mercenary’s rifles, is taking up a position in the center of the floor next Connor.

Julian recognizes the look of shellshock in his eyes when Connor spins around to defend himself from this new threat. “I’m Julian,” he says, “Are you sure you want to hang around for this?”

In the presence of this strange but compelling man, hearing his nonchalant but commanding tone, Connor begins to come back to himself.

“My name’s Connor and I can take care of myself.”

“Ok, but let me try to talk to them first.”

“Good luck with that.”

Turn 10, Segment 3, DEX 21. Julian moves to the center of the bank next to Concussion and holds his action.

Turn 10, Segment 4, DEX 30. Concussion stands up, holds his action.

The first group of mercenaries, apparently unconcerned with the fate of their dreadlocked comrade, take aim and fire at Traveler, but again he seems to just not be there as the bullets fly past him.

Turn 10, Segment 4, DEX 14.

Three mercs make a 3” half move towards the Bugatti, Brace and fire at Traveler. OCV 5 (5 + 2 CSL – 2 Range Pen + 2 Brace +2 Multiple Attacker Bonus -4 for Concealment because only Traveler’s head and shoulders are visible.) DCV 3 (5 * ½ Brace).

Final Attack Roll vs. DCV 8 is 8-.

Traveler Aborts to Dodge. DCV16 (8+5+3).

Merc Attack roll 3-. Rolls: 11, 14, 12. All misses.

The second group of mercs storm into the bank only to find Julian and Concussion standing in the open waiting for them.

Julian speaks softly but with terrible clarity. “We’re not scared of you and the police won’t be either. If turn around right now, we won’t shoot you in the back.”

The mercenaries raise their rifles at the two, but hesitate pulling the trigger. Instead they spend a good long time glancing at the rifle Julian is carries and thinking about how these two have already taken out quite a few of them and that the police are probably on their way. They don’t however, turn around.

Turn 10, Segment 4, DEX 14.

Julian makes an Oratory roll of 14- (17+3 SL -3 Difficult) Roll: 13.

Presence Attack 5d6 (5 Base + 1 Oratory + 2 Concussion’s previous attack and these two seem to have things under control -2 Runs counter to their orders). Rolls: 26 – 13 Merc Presence = 13. They are very impressed, and hesitate. Losing the rest of their actions.

From deep inside the Bugatti, Ghost Dance begins to stir.

Turn 10, Segment 5, DEX 27. Recovers from being stunned.

Without a word, Connor raises his fist at the uncertain mercenaries, and launches another wave of concussive force that blasts all three before they can think to get out of the way. One remains standing dazed on his feet as the two beside him fly backwards to crash against the side of the van or land on the sidewalk of crushed glass outside.

Turn 10, Segment 6, DEX 30. OCV 11 (10+1 CSL-2 Range+2 Brace) DCV 5.

Mercs Abort to Dodge. DCV 8.

Concussion’s Final attack roll 14-. Rolls: 4, 12, 8.

END Cost: 5

Damage is 8d6 (10 + 1 DC from CSLs- 3 Spreading 3 targets).

Rolls: 26 Stun 8 Body, 27 Stun 9 Body, and 29 Stun 9 Body.

Mercenaries Roll Armor Activation: yes, yes, yes

Final Damages are: 16 Stun, 17 Stun, and 19 Stun. All three are stunned.

Knockback is 2d6. Rolls are: 9, 5, and 8.

Merc 1 remains on his feet.

Merc 2 goes 4” and hits the van for +7 Stun (armor activated) (24 Total Stun taken)

Merc 3 goes 1” and lands on the side walk outside for no extra damage.

Traveler’s aborted action. Turn 10, Segment 6, DEX 23. Aborted last action.

Xino Turn 10, Segment 6, DEX 21. Recovers from stun.

Without hesitation Julian turns the butt of his rifle at the last mercenary standing in the bank and leaps towards him. Julian catches the merc in the face and he tumbles onto the sidewalk outside.

Turn 10, Segment 6, DEX 21. Move Through for 8”. OCV 7 (7-2 Move Through +2 CSL). DCV 4 (7-3 Move Through).

END Cost 2 +2.

Merc is stunned for ½ DCV which makes 4.

Final attack roll: 14-. Rolls: 8.

Damage is 7d6 (5 STR + 2 Move through). Rifle takes 3d6.

Rolls: 24 Stun 6 Body. Merc takes 14 Stun (armor activated), and is Unconscious at 30 total stun.

Rifle takes 2 Body which its DEF absorbs.

KB is 2d6. Rolls: 5, Merc is knocked back 1”.

“Not much for talk are you Connor?” Julian asks as he drops the rifle and surveys the situation outside. Connor responds with a grunt and moves to stand next to Julian.

Turn 10, Segment 8, DEX 30. Concussion holds action.

Again, with acrobatic grace, Ghost Dance launches himself feet first through the custom sun roof of the Bugatti. As he lands he feints Traveler with a low leg sweep then spins into a powerful back kick which sends Traveler visiting the sidewalk on other side of the street. “Mon you do know what you mess’n wit, but you and da Jap Boy and everyone sure go’n find out!”

Turn 10, Segment 8, DEX 27.

OCV 13 (9+4+2 Crescent Kick) DCV 9. Acrobatics roll to extract himself from the car through the roof as a 0 phase action and launch a Crescent Kick at Traveler. Final attack roll 10-. Rolls 10.

END Cost 3+1.

Damage: 10d6. Rolls: 41 Stun 13 Body.

Traveler takes 31 Stun and 3 Body. Is not stunned.

KB is 3d6, Rolls: 9.

Traveler is knocked back 4” across the broad boulevard for 2d6 damage. Rolls 9 Stun 2 Body. No extra damage.

One instant Traveler is a worn heap on the sidewalk across the street, the next instant he’s halfway across the street already running full, out shoulder down towards the taunting Jamaican. The next instant he’s passing harmlessly through the Jamaican and crashing though the plate glass window of a first floor bank office.

Turn 10, Segment 9, DEX 23.

0 phase action to blink to his feet.

12” Move Through at Ghost Dance. End Cost 2.

OCV 8 – 2 Move through + 5 CSL = 11, DCV 8-3=5.

Ghost Dance, Abort to Ghost Form. End cost 4.

Traveler performs an inadvertent move through on the bank for 4d6. No strength applied. Rolls, 19 Stun 5 Body. Traveler takes 9 Stun.

As Ghost Dance laughs deep at the broken window Traveler went through Xino notes to himself, “It appears as though this man called Ghost Dance can become incorporeal, which would explain his name. Interest. It also seems that all the color disappears from him when he uses this power. He looks as if he was in a black and white movie. Still, I can attempt to surround him with my bugs so he will be stung if he ever becomes solid again.”

“You tink dat yo little bugs will stop me, Boy? I’m gonna smash your face!”

Turn 10, Segment 9, DEX 21.

Half phase to stand up.

Activates Swarm field and Stinging Insects. END Cost 9 (6+3)

OCV 7+1CSL-2 Cover=6, DCV 7.

Attack roll vs. DCV 9 is 8- Rolls: 9

“Connor, can you take out those last three mercs out there?”


“Ok, I’ll take care of those two on the sidewalk.” Julian takes two long strides and then drops a knee on the chests of the two mercs on the sidewalk, sending them into the sweet black of no pain.

Turn 10, Segment 9, DEX 21. OCV 5 (7-2 Sweep) DCV 6 (7+2 CSLs +2 Martial Strike * ½ Sweep).

Attack roll vs. DCV of 3 is 13-. Rolls: 8, 9.

END 3.

Damage 8d6, Rolls: 29 Stun 7 Body, 26 Stun 6 Body.

Both armors activate, Mercs take 19 Stun and 16 Stun and are both unconscious

Concussion strides out next to Julian, the air around him roiling with activity. He keeps himself between Julian and the three mercs outside as he fires a blast of force at them. They attempt to escape by throwing themselves to the ground but the one in the middle is caught and spun around twice before he falls prone where he once stood.

Turn 10, Segment 9, DEX 21.

OCV 10 + 3 CSL = 13 DCV 10.

Activates Force Field and fires at the three mercs. END Cost 11.

Mercs. Abort to Dive for Cover Roll 12-, roll 13, 10, 16. Two dodge by throwing themselves to the ground but one has a DCV of 5.

Attack roll 19- rolls 12.

1 merc takes 7d6 dmg, rolls 24 Stun 7 Body, Merc’s armor activates so he takes 14 Stun and will be stunned.

Concussion turns and aims again, this time at the rear of the robber’s white van. This time when he fires, a thin lance of force shoots from his fist and shatters the rear axle of the van into a thousand pieces and sends the tires flying in opposite directions.

Turn 10, Segment 10, DEX 30. Keeps his FF active and turns a force lance at the van to disable it.

OCV 13, DCV 10.

Attack roll vs. DCV of 3 + 5 for called axle shot is 16-, rolls 8.

Damage is 3d6 killing, rolls 14 Body. Van has  3 DEF for 11 Body. Which pretty much trashes it.

As the sounds of the van crashing axleless to the pavement fades away so does the sounds of Ghost Dance’s laughter but the sounds of approaching police sirens become louder. Ghost Dance glances around at his beautiful job gone wrong and vanishes into the street, like a ghost.

Turn 10, Segment 10, DEX 27. End cost 4 for Ghost Form, Full NC Move 20” 2 end.

For more please go to The Story So Far…

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