The enhance mechanic

When I embarked on translating my Superheroes campaign into a FATE based game one of the common effects I had a problem with was the enhancement. The old “my power makes other powers more powerful” kind of thing. An aspect works really well for some things but can also turn into a drain on your fate points after the first tag. So, I started thinking about a how an enhancement mechanic might work.

Allows a character to temporarily increase the rating of some other skill, his own or another character’s. The difficulty is based on the current rating of the target skill. Any shifts the character scores can be added directly to the skill rating.

Simple enough, but the catch is the difficulty. The higher the rating the harder the enhance action will be, but more importantly, the more you enhance something the harder it is to enhance it more. No point sitting back and enhancing your attack power over and over and over again. Essentially the best you can do is to set some rating equal to your enhance rating but, it can be a way to “capture” a fate point bonus and keep it for longer than a single roll if you invoke a couple of aspects to add to your enhance action.

I think of the enhance mechanic as something like the inverse of a block, rather than setting a new difficulty you are setting a new rating.

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