Chapter Four – A Brave New World

In England, a 12 year old boy who posted a YouTube video that seemed to show him flying is reported missing and the video mysteriously taken down, however, several hours later he returns and says that he made the video on his computer.

Dr. Blake and Julian set up various anonymous social media accounts to try to make contact with other “abnormals.”  And decide to go to Cornwall to investigate the disappearing boy.

Dr. Blake uses Mind Control and Psychic Surgery to work his way into Brian’s house to read his mind and leave no memory that he was there. In Brian’s mind Dr. Blake reads the story that was given to the press but also gets the sense that someone else tampered with the boy’s mind as well.

Julian and Dr. Blake decide to create a video of their own to try to lure whoever captured Brian into investigating a seaside house they have staked out.

Session 16


Julian and Dr. Blake plant a disposable cell phone in the rental house they broke into, planning to call it when the investigators come.

Two men in suits arrive in a black sedan. They circle the house and then break in. When the phone rings they examine it to be sure it’s not booby trapped and then zip it up in an evidence bag.

As the investigators leave, Dr. Blake and Julian begin to follow them in their “borrowed” helicopter two black helicopters move to intercept them saying that this airspace is restricted because of a current terrorism investigation. Dr. Blake and Julian ditch their helicopter and when fully armored soldiers rappel down to secure the abandoned helicopter Dr. Blake delves into the mind of one of the soldiers.

–          The soldiers are members of a Black Guard Special Tactics Squad on contract to the Extraordinary Terrorism Office of the British government to capture criminals with super powers

–          They are wearing special prototype Dragon armor developed by Israeli manufactures  and their guns are assault rifles with special ammunition

–          His last mission was to capture an earth controller

–          His commanding office is Black Guard Commander Terrence Brown

–          His interactions with the ETO have been with the investigators Martin Smith and Eric Johns.

–          He lives in barracks attached to the ETO building.

–          All he knows about what happens to the prisoners is that they are kept imprisoned.

–          The head/owner of the Black Guard is Demetrious Vaskos

Julian Gets a call from Vivian about someone in London wanting to sell a piece of art called the Black Guard. He would only leave a contact number not a name. Julian calls him and they work out a neutral meeting location at a two story tavern in an old section of London.

At the meeting the man identifies himself as Mycroft, an intelligence analyst for the British government with abnormal deductive abilities. He has deduced that Julian is responsible for the regeneration video and that it’s connected with Brian’s disappearance. Mycroft hopes that Julian would be willing to help him stop Guy Haines, the director of the ETO. He says that Guy is a very dangerous man and that he’s probably the one responsible for Brian’s manipulated memories.

After that meeting Julian gets another disposable cell phone and calls the bait phone. This time he has a brief conversation with Investigator Martin Smith. Julian ditches the phone but very soon after they pass by some Bobbies who are asking questions of the tourists as they pass by. They question Julian about who he is but thanks to Blake’s mind control that is all they ask.

Returning to their hotel, Julian finds a message for him sent via Vivian and in archaic Latin. “Received some interesting intelligence about you. Is suppressed for now, but take care.”

Deciding to leave London immediately, Julian donates his luggage on the way to the airport, where the press has been informed he will be so they will provide a public screen for him.

Having sent the rest of the group to the plane ahead of him, Julian proceeds down the long concourse when he finds that it’s oddly devoid of traffic. Then he notes a single figure in a black suit walking towards him.
It turns out to be Investigator Smith who asks him if he’s Julian and what he’s been doing in London, but takes no further action.

Returning to California, Julian plans to make contact with all his potential allies and solidifies relationships.

Scene 7 – September 9th – ­­­The Day Things Changed

The plane flight from London to a private airstrip outside of Vista De Mar California is without physical turbulence, but a spirited discussion takes place inside concerning past events in London.

It’s just striking midnight local time when the plane lands and the group moves to the limousine idling near the runway.

As they enter the driver says “There’s a telegram there for you Julian, sir.”

On the back seat is another telegram from London in archaic Latin.

Full of sorrow that our business couldn’t be concluded but perhaps we can resume when I return from abroad.


P.S. Watch Out for earth shattering news from London.

When Julian finishes reading the small slip of green paper he says, “It seems to be a warning from Mycroft to stay out of London. Turn on the radio.”

To recap the tragic news we are receiving; two, by all accounts man-made, earthquakes of magnitude seven rocked London this morning at the height of commuter traffic. According to various videos from the BBC that have been sweeping across the world this morning, it appears that at six thirteen a.m. a visibly distraught man in disassembled Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square with a gesture and proceeded to attack pedestrians and buildings with the fragments. Beginning a violent rampage that would continue across central London for almost forty five minutes culminating in–wait I’m hearing a report that a press conference is underway we take you there now–

–thanks to the heroic sacrifices and rapid response of the members of the recently formed Extraordinary Terrorism Office and to the minister responsible for that office, Guy Haines, that even greater potential tragedy has been averted.


Now, I know that some of you are unfamiliar with the Extraordinary Terrorism Office, so I’d like to call upon Guy Haines to make a brief statement.

[applause] Thank you Prime Minster…ladies and gentleman of the press, people of Britain, people…of the world… strange and inexplicable abilities are appearing among us without any seeming correlation to race or gender or morality. Many such abilities are benign, some are not. Some pose a very real threat to our society. When a single individual, a Londoner born and raised, without training, equipment, or, as far as we know, outside backing or prompting, can, on a whim, bring such destruction to the very heart of our country what will be our response? My response was to create an office with the mandate to investigate and prosecute the criminal use of extraordinary abilities.
Now I would be glad to take a few questions. Yes?

Mister Haines, can you explain how it was possible for Peter Brown to do these things?

We don’t have any scientific information, no, but we have spoken extensively with his friends and family and estranged wife and their testimonies agree on the fact that Peter could control earthen materials in many ways. Yes?

Mister Haines, was your office aware of Peter Brown and his abilities before this morning?

…I believe we may have had some disturbance of the peace reports from the London constabulary concerning Peter Brown, but we are a small office so those reports were not investigated in favor of cases involving more severe criminal activity involving extraordinary abilities. This was a grievous mistake on my part for which I take sole responsibility. If needs be, I will investigate every case myself until we can be sure that the public are exposed to such reckless violence again. Thank you, that’s all the questions I can take at this time.

–That was a press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the head of Britain’s new Extraordinary Terrorism Office, Guy Haines, regarding the events this morning in central London.

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