Chapter Six – The Orphans of Haiti

Session 20


On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake devastates Haiti and a week after Léo Mérorès, Haiti’s UN representative, asks for a private meeting with Julian. Mérorès has a statement from a relative of his that they overheard two Americans at a hotel referring to Mérorès’s nephew Napoleon as “target one” They said they haven’t acquired him yet and also mentioned how important he is. Mérorès is concerned that they intend to kidnap Napoleon because the young boy is a local legend for having precognitive abilities. Napoleon has been missing since the earthquake but Mérorès is convinced that he is still alive because Napoleon appeared to him in a dream looking and calling out for his parents.

“Can’t you help find my nephew before these people do?”

Julian sends Traveler, Connor, and Doctor Blake to investigate.

They travel to Haiti and find the house where Napoleon and his parents lived crumbled to the ground. Investigating, they find evidence that someone a man and woman were killed by gunshot wounds and buried in the rubble. Soon some Haitian soldiers come and stop any further investigations.

Traveler wanders Port-au-Prince that night, searching for information and helping dig out survivors where he can.

At the hotel the next morning the characters learn that the other Americans are posing as missionaries from Baptist church in Texas in Haiti to arrange adoptions for orphaned children. The church as a very realistic electronic presence and some papers and filings that seems legitimate, but it’s only a very good cover. One of the Americans, Milo, is an extremely convincing Texas churchman with red hair and a big red mustache. The other American’s identity is unknown. He’s tall and thin with wavy brown hair and eyes. He moves with extraordinary grace and seems to pay careful attention to his positioning and sightlines leading to the obvious conclusion he’s a mercenary or soldier of some kind.

The character’s shadow the other Americans to a meeting and learn that they are paying a crime lord nicknamed “Deux” to use his connections to find Napoleon for them.

The character’s contact Deux themselves and offer to outbid the Americans for the boy. Which Deux accepts; assuming that he finds Napoleon.

The characters attempt to shadow the Americans again, but lose them in the crowded Haitian capital.

Deux calls and says that he has found Napoleon. He and the character’s set up an exchange at the Port-au-Prince airport, five million US in exchange for the boy.

Session 21


[First Session in Fate]

Thad makes contact with Deux’s agent in a crowded central area of the airport while Traveler hangs back on the periphery. Julian approaches from the other end of concourse, having just landed with a suitcase full of cash.

Thad realizes quickly that the boy at this meeting doesn’t match the picture of Napoleon that Leo gave Julian and he calls off the exchange, but not before a dozen or so Haitian policemen distributed in the crowd circle in and arrest Thad for attempted child kidnapping.

Thad ends up in a Haitian jail. Traveler and Connor follow Deux’s lieutenant and confirm that the exchange was a setup. They then follow him to a patio bar.

Julian is in the midst of negotiating with the chief of police to release Thad and find out more about the hooks Deux has into the police when Thad takes it upon himself to orchestrate his release at the expense of a drunk, who probably doesn’t notice.

Traveler and Connor learn from Deux’s lieutenant that the exchange was just a setup and that Deux has the boy.

While Julian is assessing Deux through the police chief the other Americans are brought in and thrown in jail, presumably for the same reasons that Thad was.

Thad goes back to see what he can learn from them but the strength of the one called Milo’s mind causes Thad to become Dr. Blake, who proceeds to dig into Milo’s and learns more about them. [We’ll replay this scene when we get the chance.]

Connor hits the streets and finds out that Deux has a private island in disputed territories and that he is rumored to have a talent for finding and training metas. Connor arranges for a smuggler to get everyone within swimming distance of Deux’s island.

On a moonlight night everyone crosses the warm Caribbean and goes for a short swim to the jungle covered mountain island.

Connor scouts ahead up a jungle path and encounters the alluring smell of a marijuana plant which he follows off the trail and to a well maintained garden and greenhouse concealed in the jungle. Inside the greenhouse is the plant that Connor came for and a woman with vine tattoos on her arms and a touch of green about her hair and skin, though perhaps that’s just the effect of the greenhouse.

When Connor doesn’t return the rest of the characters proceed up the path and run into two guards on patrol. Lacking a better alternative they knock out the guards and leave them tied up and concealed in the jungle.

Connor rejoins them as they proceed to the end of the path where they can see Deux’s house. Off handedly, Julian recognizes the architect to be a famous modern designer.

They follow Connor through what he believe is a security hole in the guard patrol to get into the house, but end up running straight into a patrol of two coming out of the house. The two guards quickly find themselves unconscious and their minds stripped of Napoleon’s location.

Traveler Blinks ahead to grab the kid, narrowly missing a room full of guards, but finds that he’s in a home theater room with Deux, having a precognitive training session with some action video game. Traveler goes to loop a cord around Deux but Napoleon knocks him out of the way just in time.

Traveler grabs Napoleon and leaps backwards out the nearest window.

Deux calls for guards and, in Haitian creole, Jungle Cat and Man of Flames.

While Traveler is recovering himself and Napoleon from a planter, a lithe and graceful young woman performs an acrobatic leap from the broken window to the ground, a silver knife flashing in the moonlight.

Connor and the good Doctor are on the central stairs when the hallway above them fills with guards and the atrium below them fills with guards too.  Dr. Blake sends the guards below them upstairs to find the intruders and Connor shields them both from the automatic rifles of the guards on the second story.


The Story So Far…

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