Powers in Brave New Heroes – Abstract Mechanics

Super powers can be a dauntingly broad concept to tackle in a game system but the abstract nature of FATE mechanics make it a lot easier to tackle such breadth. From teleporting to mind control, there is a limited set of abstract game mechanics which are shared by all powers. The goal is to be able to represent the effect of any power using one small set of well-defined mechanics. This is the current list of such mechanics for Brave New Heroes. It is distilled from existing FATE games with a few tweaks and additions.

Mechanic Roll to
Assess Discover an aspect or detail in the game.
Attack Deal stress and/or inflict consequences, often with the goal of removing a character from a conflict.
Block Set the difficulty for characters to take an action or range of actions.
Counter As a free action to contest another character’s action.
For example: dodge, or avoid the effects of a maneuver against you.
Declare As a free action to create an aspect or detail.
Enhance Set a new rating for some skill.
Healing Remove stress marks or diminish the severity of consequences.
Maneuver Create or remove an aspect.
Move Perform movement.
In game terms this will be defined mostly as controlling relative range between the character and a target. Meaning most actual rolling for movement will involve chasing other characters around.
Perceive Sense things.
Could be a sense beyond normal human senses such as seeing heat patterns.
Prerequisite for assess and declare rolls.
Resource Create a resource in the game.
Intended mostly for summoning type powers, but also works for possession or animation powers which take some game detail like an NPC or a tree, and turn them in a resource under the character’s control.
Resources are similar to aspects but they are intended to be continuously usable without the need for fate points.

There is more to be said for each of these mechanics in future posts.

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