Julian the Reluctant Mastermind

“You’re worried about them. I don’t blame you.”

“Not exactly. From what I know, those two can take care of themselves, but I wish I was there. This is an enemy that I don’t know. I’ve not seen him in battle. It seems he has the whole ocean to hide in. I can’t surround the ocean and squeeze him into submission like Vercingetorix.”
Chapter Two – The Ice Man Cometh

She forgets for a moment where she is and what she came for when His eyes lock on to hers. She feels so completely in this moment that her past and her future all her memories and all her dreams have melted like soft wax ready to be reshaped and remolded. She could have been anyone, be anyone, become anything in the world, anything that He told her to be.
Chapter Two – The Ice Man Cometh

When Julius Caesar was assassinated he did not die. Well technically he did died, but then he came back to life. He returned as a young and idealized version of himself hardly recognizable to anyone who had known him as a 55 year old dictator for life touched with epilepsy. Now his body was perfect, deathless and diseaseless, and capable of recovering from any wound at astonishing speed.

Julian (AKA: Julius Caesar)
Reluctant Mastermind
 An anachronism; Complicated relationships;  Consequences of leadership; I am Caesar; Overly public secret identity; Playboy
Presence 7, Resources 6, Fists 5, Strategy 5, Athletics 4, Manipulation 4, Empathy 3, Knowledge 3, Discipline 2, Rapport 2, Strength 1, Subterfuge 1, Perception 1
2000 year old man
Julian has millennia of knowledge to draw upon. He gets +2 to Knowledge rolls that don’t involve modern technology or science. This becomes +3 for rolls related to ancient history. (2 pts.)
The power to command
Julian’s extraordinary presence draws exceptional people to him. He can roll Presence to recruit NPCs. (Resource trapping on Presence, 2 pts.)
Immortal – I have tasted of the vine of immortality and I shall never die
Regeneration: Julian recovers from physical injury at an amazing rate. (Healing 4 passive, 4 pts.)
Vigor: Endurance never restricts Julian’s actions. He needs only eat and sleep once a week. (1 pt.)
Immortal: As far as we know, Julian can never die a natural death. (0 pts.)
Cannot truly die: No death result is permanent for Julian. Typically he will recover enough to wake up after a scene or two, but he’ll retain the consequences he’s suffered until they have healed at his accelerated rate. (2 pts.)
The impenetrable man
+2 physical stress, +1 mild physical consequence. (3 pts.)
The imperturbable man
+1 mental stress, +1 mild mental consequence. (2 pts.)
3 Refresh
4 Physical, 4 Mental, 4 Social
2/1/1 Physical, 2/1/1 Mental, 3/1/1 Social

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