Thaddeus Blake the Demented Mentalist

Somewhere in the United States, August 2009

In the dark it’s always dark but they talk they talk in the dark and they don’t think that I can hear them.

“Subject Psy 10…has he shown any improvements?”

“No…such a shame he has the strongest potential I’ve ever seen but the manifestation is still unstable. Seemingly due to a latent multiple personality disorder. His powers keep…AAGH!”

“Oh my God, Bill! Are you ok?!”

Visions in the dark visions of the dark let me show you.

“What are you doing?! Don’t open…NNNGK!”

Chapter Two – The Ice Man Cometh

Dr. Blake locks himself away in very secure room with his iPhone journal and begins the process of reuniting his personalities. He quickly learns that simply attempting psychic surgery on himself again is a sure trigger for the Monster. He also begins to develop a sense of other triggers and to gain a measure of control over the switch.

After the nth time recovering from the Monster, this time sans the dry heaves, Dr. Blake is reviewing his journal only to find the last entry has been erased and replaced by another “I’m scared. – The Secret One.” Blake reviews the video footage of himself; rewinding very carefully to avoid seeing even a flash of himself as the Monster and discovers that for nearly 5 minutes after recovering some previously unknown personality was expressed. This personality seems childlike and apprehensive in its reactions, mostly huddling in the corner and clutching the iPhone like a shield.

Chapter Five – Dramatic Distractions

Thaddeus Blake was a successful, even amazing, psychiatrist able to reconstruct even the most fractured personalities. One day he was kidnapped and subjected to experimentation in an attempt to manifest his latent mental powers and create a telepath who’s powers they could harness. Rather then become a tool of some faceless organization, Dr. Blake used his power of psychic surgery to fracture his own personality and defy his captors until he could escape.

Thaddeus Blake (AKA: Thad, The Monster)
Demented Mentalist
Calm and calculating, It’s all in your imagination, Let’s all calm down and think this through, Self-inflicted multiple personality disorder (extreme mental consequence), Wrong person at the wrong time
Discipline 7, Manipulation 6, Empathy 5, Knowledge 4, Perception 4, Resources 3, Science 3, Driving 2, Rapport 2, Pilot 1, Presence 1
Mind Control (7) – It’s all in your imagination
Suggest: Dr. Blake can manipulate the minds of those around him by afflicting them with mental aspects. The rules of subtly from Reading apply to Suggestion as well. (Maneuver 7. Diff 7)
Dominate: Dr. Blake can inflict mental stress and consequences on a target to break their mind and make them obey his every command. (Mental Attack 7. Diff 7)
Decoy minds: Dr. Blake can create decoy minds to protect himself against mental attacks. (Block 4, Continuous “Decoy minds” +3. Diff 7)
Reading: Dr. Blake has the power to read minds. He can uncover up to 7 aspects or answers from the target mind in a given scene. The difficulty is modified by how deep the memory is: surface thoughts +0, memories +2, unconscious +4. The target uses Perception to realize that their mind is being read, but Dr. Blake can use shifts for subtly. (Assessment 7)
Telepathy: Dr. Blake can mentally communicate with a target regardless of language. (Telepathy 7)
Dr. Blake is a trained psychiatry and can assist people in recovering from even severe mental consequences. (2 pts.)
Dr. Blake can lift and move things with the power of his mind. It requires a full action to do so and concentration to control. He can use 2 shifts worth of the Lifting Things trapping at a range of up to 2 zones. In general Dr. Blake’s Telekinesis is too slow and inexact to attack anyone, but he can perform simple maneuvers, and with a fate point perform more subtle manipulations like winding a watch, or pulling a gun trigger. (2 shift Lifting Things trapping, 1 shift at range up to 2 zones; 2 pts.)
5 Refresh
2 Physical, 4 Mental, 3 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 3/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social

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