Traveler the Haggard Wanderer

Somewhere in the crowd a black leather boot taps restlessly on the neutral colored carpet, leaving behind dried flakes of dirt which have, only faintly now, the rich smell of mud from deep mountain forests. Though his foot is restless, Traveler’s eyes stare unfocused at some distant point in time.
Prologue – The Bank Fight

A passing soldier, his rifle slung over his shoulder, flicks a cigarette butt into the foliage behind him, a butt which sparks as it bounces off the cheek of an unnoticed white man in the deep green shadow of a gigantic frond. Traveler’s worn face doesn’t so much as twitch as several motes of burning ash slowly die on his cheek.
Chapter Two – The Ice Man Cometh

Traveler’s first memories are of “the facility” where, as a child, he was trained, taught, tested, and experimented on until he was a teenager and old enough to formulate a plan to escape. A plan which took a wrong turn and resulted in Traveler causing the entire facility to explode and he only barely managing to teleport to safety. Haunted by his fatal actions, Traveler wandered across the global, never sleeping in the same place twice.

Haggard Wanderer
Don’t worry, I’m nobody; Every blessing is a debt; Everything you need lies at hand; I’ve seen it all before; I won’t play by your rules
Endurance 7, Athletics 6, Fists 5, Strength 4, Survival 4, Perception 3, Subterfuge 3, Discipline 2, Knowledge 2, Crime 1, Rapport 1
Blink (2) – Teleport short distances as easily as taking a step
Blink: Traveler may roll Athletics to move by teleporting, allowing him to by-pass most borders and physical obstacles. (Move 2. Diff 2)
Phase: Traveler can phase out of existence to avoid attacks. Roll Athletics to dodge attacks by teleporting. Traveler can avoid most restrictions on dodging, such as confined quarters. (Counter)
Versatile: Traveler’s power is flexible; he can use it to change the direction he is moving, to remove momentum from falls or for teleporting into fast-moving vehicles. He can also blink out of grapples and restraints.
Tireless: Endurance never restricts Traveler’s actions and he need only eat and sleep once a week. (1 pt.)
Tough: +1 physical stress, +1 moderate, +1 severe physical consequences. (6 pts.)
I’ve been here before
Traveler gets a +2 on declaration rolls in places that he’s visited before. (2 pts.)
Improvised weaponry
Traveler can roll Fists when wielding an improvised weapon. (2 pts.)
Understanding – All words sing the same song
Traveler can make a Knowledge + 1 roll to understand the meaning of speech he hears even if he doesn’t speak the language. Does not include the ability to speak or read. (Perception +1 trapping on Knowledge , 3 pts.)
World traveler
Traveler gets a +2 to Knowledge rolls involving geography, cultures, and travel. (2 pts.)
5 Refresh
5 Physical, 3 Mental, 2 Social
2/2/2 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social

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