Why I miss open ended rolls (or, the case for linear randomness and extraordinary results)

One of the things I miss about RoleMaster is those moments when a character attempts something profoundly beyond him and actually succeeds. In most games this ONLY happens through randomness and because of open-ended dice rules. The issue of course, is that it almost never happens when you want it to.

In FATE you can achieve the impossible with aspects and it happens because of who the character is and it’s all story driven and narrative and stuff. A substantial improvement, but isn’t there something magical about the feeling of confirmation you get when the randomness of the dice fall in your character’s favor?

What if we wanted some kind of extraordinary result in FATE that was based on randomness? Please note that this is a silly idea.

I had this thought, spend a fate point and you get the chance to succeed at any one action, regardless of its difficulty, IF you can roll a natural +4. Perhaps you can use additional fate points to reroll in an attempt at the +4.

Or alternatively, you could spend a fate point to transform any natural +4 result you roll into an extraordinary success, regardless of the difficulty. Or, you could spend a fate point to transform some other character’s natural -4 into an extraordinary failure.

Silly, but simple.

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