Ghost Dance the Insubstantial Capoeirista


Jonathan Goodson was particular young when his powers first manifested. When he was only ten years old he started running errands around the poor section of Kingston Jamaica where he was born. After getting a particular generous tip for delivering some shoes from the kindly local cobbler, Jonathan was jumped for his money by a pack of older boys and beaten into unconsciousness. At some point after he passed out Jonathan’s power to become insubstantial activated for the first time as an instinctive defense mechanism.

When Jonathan awoke he still had his money but, as he discovered when he stumbled through a wall on his walk home, he was still insubstantial. Not knowing what had happened, and having no possible way to know his intangibility was something he could control, he leapt to the only obvious conclusion, that he had died and become a ghost.

Back at home he faced the same conclusion from his family. They wept and cried and when his ghost wouldn’t leave, they called for a witch doctor who finally drove the terrified young boy out into the street. He found an abandoned building for shelter from the night and was doubly confused when he awoke substantial again.

Homeless now and frightened to return home, he wandered the city until he found two martial arts students practicing in a court-yard. The grace and power of their movements caught his imagination and he followed them doggedly for days until he finally got the chance to prove his determination to their teacher and soon found himself living in a dojo, cleaning floors and training as hard as he could.

By the time he was a teenage, Jonathon was a star competitor for the school and on his way to a life far beyond anything he might have imagined as a child. That day he spend as a ghost seemed distant and absurd to him now, a dream, or a product of an overactive childhood imagination. Until the Jamaican national tournament, where he was matched for first place against a vicious opponent. This was Jonathon’s chance to compete internationally and he fought with singular intensity to a tied match, but at the height of the fight his opponent surprised him with an attack and Jonathon found himself insubstantial for a second time. This time there was no witch doctor or exorcism, just a swift disqualification from competition and a quiet ostracism from his school and his peers.

Homeless and aimless again, Jonathon left Jamaican and took to wandering and increasingly criminal jobs. He eventually landed in New York city, taking up Capoeira, parkour, street fighting, and finally, thug work; until the day he met Morgan DeVille, also known as the Sorceress. He had, so far, attained a limited degree of control over his powers, but she was able to teach him how to control them completely and she put his power to use for her own purposes, paying Ghost Dance to steal an artifact from a bank in California.

Appears In

Ghost Dance first appeared in Prologue – The Bank Fight having been hired and trained by the Sorceress to steal an ancient kris knife from the Citizen’s Bank in California.

Ghost Dance’s was last seen in Los Angeles where he warned Traveler that the FBI was hunting for him and Connor because of their actions at the Getty Museum. Ghost Dance mentioned that he obtained this information because he had become part of a team responsible for the quick and quiet capture of those with powers. He hinted that his work was not entirely of his own free will.

Ghost Dance (AKA: Jonathon Goodson)
Insubstantial Capoeirista
Fear of ghosts and witch doctors and the like, uncomfortable with my own powers, everyone thinks I’m just a thug, betrayed by the Sorceress, I owe that Traveler guy, blackmailed into doing thug work for the Capture Group.
Fists 6, Athletics 5, Strength 4, Endurance 3, Contacts 3, Discipline 2, Presence 2, Knowledge 2, Crime 1, Empathy 1, Subterfuge 1
Ghost Form – My body can recall the form of death
Insubstantial: Ghost Dance can take a full action to become insubstantial, or solid again. While Ghost Form is on he is visible, but slightly hazy. He can pass through solid objects and can’t be affected by physical attacks. Ghost Dance can be affected by magical and mental effects. When insubstantial, he can’t interact with the physical world. (2 pts.)
Ghost Dance is highly skilled in parkour. He can invoke appropriate aspects, like “cluttered” or “urban environment,” for free and gets a +3 rather than +2 when invoking for a bonus. (3 pts.) 
Martial Artist
Ghost Dance has been training in martial arts for twenty years. He can use Fists+1 for assessments and declarations regarding fighting styles and tactics. (2 pts.)
We are out numbered: +1 for Spreading Capoeira attacks (1 pt.)
We are out numbered: Can choose to keep a dodge roll for multiple attacks. (1 pt.)
Hard Hitting: +1 Damage for Capoeira kick attacks. (1 pt.)
5 Refresh
4 Physical, 2 Mental, 2 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social
Ghost Dance has only recently developed full control over his power to become insubstantial, plus he still hesitates to use it for fear of getting trapped again. In a fight he will generally pick on the physically weakest target first using overwhelming force.

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