The Sorceress Dark Maiden of the Coven

Like a raven-haired Frazetta pin-up, she sprawled across her obsidian throne in a pose equal parts petulance and pride.


Morgan Bobine has always know she was special, gifted with secret power, far superior to common people. Morgan was born into the secret priesthood of the long forgotten Etruscan demoness, Culsu, and as the only scion of the high priest she was groomed to inherit his position. Morgan was taught to wield the dark magic of Culsu but as she reached adolescence this middling sorcery was no long enough for her and she began to seek paths to greater power.

After spending much of her twenties in solitary pursuits, Morgan finally discovered the secretive organization of witches known as the Coven whom she joined as the junior member for dark magic after seducing the previous position holder and spilling her potent mystical blood on the altar of Culsu.

Even in the Coven Morgan is dissatisfied and craving more and faster avenues to power. She chafes at her low position as maiden but she knows she must continue to prove herself to the Coven to gain greater access to their knowledge so she is currently looking for anyway she can to gain the confidence of the Dark Mother of the Coven and either become her student or betrayer.

Though she gives the appearance of being a pampered princess, Morgan has studied demons and spirits with intensity and she’s mastered spells for subverting free will and probing even the strong-minded. She is one of the most powerful and knowledgable demonologists in the world.

Appears in

Morgan first appeared in Chapter One – Ancient Magic where she was attempting to complete a potent ritual to bind an incarnation of Culsu into the Setan Kober kris but was thwarted.

Most recently Morgan was revealed to be the driving force behind the events of Chapter Five – Dramatic Distractions in which she hired a talented criminal to get a demon possessed statue from Julian’s private collection.

Her current whereabouts and activities are unknown, but history suggests that she will be looking for demons to bind into the Setan Kober and to her will.

The Sorceress (AKA: Morgan Bobine, Morgan Deville)
Dark Maiden of the Coven
high priestess of Culsu, pampered princess and commanding empress, obsessed with power, Julian: he shall love me and dispair, darkly beautiful
Dark Magic 8, Lore 7, Discipline 6, Resources 5, Knowledge 4, Manipulation 4, Contacts 3 Perception 3, Presence 3, Drive 2, Subterfuge 2, Crime 2, Pilot 1, Rapport 1, Science 1
Dark Magic (8) – Blood soaked sorceries of Culsu
Casting: The Sorceress can achieve nearly any effect with her dark magic, given time, and can often cast unfamiliar spells from books. What follows are some of her most used spells. (Any Mechanic any modifier, 10 pts.)
Gift of Apportation: The Sorceress can travel instantly between a number of ritually prepared locations all across the planet, as long as she retains her linking item representing that location. (Teleport 1, over any distance +5, Difficulty 6)
Gift of Dark Seeing: The Sorceress can extend her senses over nearly any distance, though she must concentration to do so. Generally only one sense, such as sight is available giving her Perception 3, but she can use both Sight and Hearing at a Perception value of 2. (Perception 3, over any distance +5, Difficulty 8)
Gift of Protection: The Sorceress can summon a number of lesser spirits to guard her against attacks both mental and physical. (Block 5 against being attacked, Continuous on “defended by guardian spirits” +3, Difficulty 8)
On the winds of the dark: The Sorceress can summon air spirits to lift her into the air. This (Levitate 3, Continuous on “lifted by spirits of air” +3, Difficulty 6)
Their minds laid bare: The Sorceress can delve into the minds of even the strong and lay bare their secrets. (Telepathy 8, Difficulty 8
They shall obey: The Sorceress can roll Dark Magic to inflict mental damage on a target. Any consequences inflicted will be of the slave to the Sorceress flavor. (Mental Attack 8, Difficulty 8)
They shall pass under the yoke: (Block 5 against the target moving or attacking, Continuous on “your spirit is bound to my will” +3, Difficulty 8)
They shall repent: The Sorceress can cause someone’s past regrets and misdeeds to inflict pain and suffering upon them anew. This spell causes physical damage but is resisted by Discipline. (Attack 8, Difficulty 8)
Call up Dark Spirits: This is a ritual for summoning spirits and demons. The difficulty depends very much on the entity being summoned. Some lesser beings can be summoned in a single roll. Others require a ritual and several cumulatively successful rolls. Particularly powerful beings require special conditions and items.
Ritual of Binding: The Sorceress can use this ritual to bind spirits and demons into special prepared spirit prisons such as her obsidian golems, or the Setan Kober, and bind those spirits to her will by defeating them in mental combat.
Golem Servants: The Sorceress is typically protected by two guardian spirits bound into bodies of pure obsidian (2 permanent resource slots. 2 pts.)
Setan Kober “devil of the grave” – spirit infused kris dagger, famous ancient artifact, spirit prison
Invulnerability: Physical and Mental Defense 3 (6 pts.)
Blade: Damage 3 (3 pts.)
Thirst for blood: When you use the kris to draw blood to fuel a spell using the investment modifier you get +5 shifts. (5 pts.
Temperamental: The malignant spirit trapped in the blade will inflict the wielder with the aspects “impatient” and “overly ambitious.”
Devil of the grave: The bound demon may also have other abilities to grant the blade wielder, provided they have the will to subdue it.
The Sorceress gets a +2 to research and declarations pertaining to demons and other infernal spirits. (2 pts.)
5 Refresh
2 Physical, 4 Mental, 4 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 2/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social
The Sorcress prefers not to engage in fighting directly, but will prefer to stay out of reach and summon spirits and demons to fight for her.

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