Jungle Cat the Wild Huntress


Jungle Cat was born somewhere in lush tropical Central America. We are not certain where because, as a baby, she was lost in the rainforest. It may have been her innate affinity for felines that saved her, or perhaps that power developed after she was found by the venerable Mother Jaguar who suckled the lost baby. Jungle Cat was raised  by Mother Jaguar who taught her to track and hunt until Mother Jaguar was killed by a squad of guerrillas lead by Deux. She managed to track and kill half of his soldiers before Deux finally captured her and establish his domination over her.

Deux trained Jungle Cat and helped and encouraged her to develop her abilities to communicate with cats. Now she is his personal bodyguard and mercenary.

Appears in

Jungle Cat currently appears in Chapter 6.

Jungle Cat (AKA: fore chat)
Wild Huntress
Suckled by Mother Jaguar, Savage beauty, The law of the jungle is the only law, Deux is the dominant male
Fists 7, Athletics 6, Survival 6, Endurance 5, Perception 5, Strength 5, Subterfuge 5, Discipline 4, Presence 3, Crime 2, Knowledge 1
Animal Mastery
Commune: Jungle Cat can roll Survival for interacting with felines. She can communicate at a basic level and perform assessments using the Empathy rules. (2 pts.)
Command: Jungle Cat can roll Survival to temporarily tame cats and recruit them to perform tasks for her. (2 pts.)
Companions: 3 permanent slots for  recruits. (3 pts.)
Jungle Born
Jungle Cat gets 2 shifts to counteract forest themed terrain and barriers. This becomes 3 shifts in jungles. (2 pts.)
5 Refresh
4 Physical, 4 Mental, 3 Social
2/1/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social
Jungle Cat typical carries only a survival knife (weapon 1) as equipment. She prefers stalking prey to a straight up fight.
Jaguar Companions: “Big Cat,” “Devoted to Jungle Cat.”
Fists 4, Athletics 4, Perception 3, Endurance 3, Strength 3, Stealth 3.
Teeth & Claws: Weapon 2; Track by scent.
Physical Stress 4.

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