Flora the Green Witch

Flora is frequently found in her green house and always surrounded by some living plant, even if it’s just a flower in her hair.


Angela was born in Mexico in a bad place and at the wrong time. Her early life was fairly tame despite the environment, but in her late teens she started growing marijuana to raise money for medicine for her family. It didn’t take too long for Angela to gain the attention of the cartels who decided to make a brutal example of her because she was young and pretty.

She was caught and locked up beyond any hope of rescue but she didn’t know that the young handsome Haitian Deux was meeting with the cartel bosses about bringing some of their business through his facilities. Deux overheard the guards taking turns making Angela sob and beg for death as they described to her what they intended to do to her, and Deux decided to abandon his plans to work with the cartel and instead called in his soldiers and pulled Angela from the very depths of her despair.

Angela understood how much trouble her handsome prince had taken upon himself by attacking the cartel and rescuing her and she wanted to help him where she could and show him her love and gratitude. The two become lovers and then married and Angela, encouraged by Deux, continued to grow plants both legal and not legal.

Some alchemy seemed to happen in the mix of Angela’s love and Deux’s encouragement and soon Angela was not just growing simple crops but creating the potent strains of drug plants which are the cornerstone of Deux’s little empire. He continued to encourage her and her powers flourished from a very green thumb into full-fledged mastery over nature.

Flora, a nickname which Deux gave Angela, has continued to develop her powers to grow and control plants, and to develop extraordinary breeds of drug plants for Deux, but all of her very best strains die or fail to grow unless she is personally involved. She spends a lot of her time in her expansive green houses trying to develop plants which don’t die when not under her personal care.

Appears in

Flora will appear in Chapter Six.

Flora (aka Angela Amony nee Hernandez)
Green Witch
I owe Deux more than I can ever repay, Family is everything, Green thumb, Afraid of the dark
Empathy 5, Science 4, Craft 3, Perception 3, Art 2, Rapport 2, Knowledge 1 Subterfuge 1
Plant Mastery (7) – Animistic Magic, Plants are our fathers and mothers
Animate Plant: Flora can animate existing plants and command them to do her bidding. (Resource 5, Required aspect or detail -2, Continuous +3. Diff 6)
Grappling Vines: Flora can cause vines to spontaneously grow and hinder a target or defend herself from harm. (Block or Counter 7. Diff 7)
Soporific Flowers: Flora can cause flowers to grow around a target which produce a beautiful and soporific scent. This is typically resisted with Endurance. (Sleep Attack 7. Diff 7)
Nature Mastery (4) – Animistic Magic, Nature is my ally
Subtle Hues: Flora can draw shadows and lights around herself to blend her form with natural surroundings and become more difficult to see. (Block Perception 6, Requires natural surroundings -2. Diff 4)
Rejuvenate: Flora can heal people and creatures. (Healing 4. Diff 4)
Flora gets +2 to Knowledge and Science rolls relating to plants.
5 Refresh
2 Physical, 2 Mental, 2 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social
Typical Animated Plant: “Magically Animated Plant”
Fists 5, Strength 4, Endurance 4, Athletics 3
Thick Bark: Armor 2
Physical Stress: 6

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