Man of Flame the Mercenary Fire Projector

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With a smile and wink of his twinkling eye Louis shook two whips of fire from his hands and smoothly lashed one at Connor’s face.



Louis is a well-travelled mercenary born in Algeria. He discovered his powers early in his teens and immediately took to using them for his own personal gain by hiring out to the highest bidder. He was glad to bully and threaten or kill in self-defense, but he resisted hurting innocents, or executing helpless foes, which put him and odds with the local gangs and warlords. Eventually, his opportunities dried up and Louis wandered across the globe finding work as a mercenary.

Appears in

Man of Flame will appear in Chapter 6.

Louis (aka: moun ki gen dife)
Mercenary Fire Projector
Irrepressible élan, Flashy pyrotechnics, A romantic at heart, In love with Jungle Cat
Rapport 5, Athletics 4, Guns 4, Subterfuge 4, Contacts 3, Driving 3, Perception 3, Piloting 3, Discipline 2, Endurance 2, Fists 2, Survival 2, Crime 1, Presence 1, Empathy 1, Knowledge 1, Resources 1, Survival 1
Flame Control (6) – Fire has a spirit that will speak to those who listen
Whips of Fire: One of Louis’s favorite uses of flame projection is to summon whips of pure fire he can wield with Flame Control. Louis can roll Flame Control to attack and to counter some melee attacks by daunting his attackers with his flames. (Damage 3, Continuous “Fire Whips” +3. Diff 6)
Fire Projection: Louis can project lances of flame at distant foes. (Range +1. 1 pt.)
Ignition: Louis can cause objects or people to burst into flames. They will continue to burn until put out. (Attack 3, Continuous “On Fire” +3. Diff 3)
Aura of Fire: Louis can use his power to surround himself with an aura of fire that will burn anyone or anything he touches. (Damage Shield 3, Continuous “Surrounded by Aura of Flames”, Diff 6)
Light Body Armor
Louis commonly wears a lightly armored body suit with a stylish cut and some flashy piping. (Defense 2. 2 pt.)
3 Refresh
3 Physical, 3 Mental, 3 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social

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