Chapter Six – The Orphans of Haiti – Session 22

Session 22


[Second session using FATE]

Traveler leaps backward out of the game room window of Deux’s mansion clutching Napoleon to his chest. An instant later, Jungle Cat leaps gracefully out the window after him. Traveler runs across the lawn for the cover of the jungle and is nearly caught, but Deux’s startled guards fail to recognize Jungle Cat in the dark and she is forced to dodge their friendly fire which slower her down just enough to let Traveler reach the outer wall and disappear into the jungle. However, Jungle Cat roars out a command to her companions to hunt the white man in the jungle.

In the game room, Julian and Deux have a tense conversation about their situation until four of Deux’s soldiers surround Julian in Deux’s attempt to capture Julian and trade him for Napoleon. Instead, Julian reduces the guards to an unconscious pile and continues his attempt to convince Deux that they would be better off as allies then enemies when an enormous explosive blasts off their side of the house and collapses the game room into a pile of rubble.

Connor and Dr. Blake fight Man of Flame from the top of the staircase and Deux’s soldiers from the entryway until the explosion causes Man of Flames to retreat to see what is going on.

In the jungle, Traveler barely dodges a black panther who pounces on him from his blind spot and, finding a path, follows it up the mountain at the urging of Napoleon. Traveler comes upon Flora’s greenhouses and Flora being captured by Olivar’s soldiers. Again at Napoleon’s urging, Traveler leaves Napoleon outside and blinks into the greenhouse to rescue Flora. He and Flora dispatch the soldiers and find that Napoleon has apparently ditched them. Flora, suspicious, attempts to surprise Traveler with her soporific flowers but they are no match for his constitution. Startled, she uses her magic to locate Napoleon in the jungle and they set off.

Julian and Deux crawl out of the rubble of the game room to find Deux’s cartel rival, Olivar there with a score of soldiers, include several heavy machine guns. Julian commands the attention of all concerned as he attempts to maintain a peace and distract Olivar and his men until Connor and Dr. Blake arrive to tip the balance of power. Dr. Blake sets up mind link with the Julian and Connor and himself, so he can feed Julian the surface thoughts of Olivar and Deux. In a matter of minutes, Julian destroys Olivar’s influence among his men but offers him just enough of a deal to save face. However, Dr. Blake implants the suggestion in Olivar’s lieutenant that he should execute Olivar and take over himself. Julian arranges for Deux to be white washed and absorbed into his sphere of influence.

On the steps on the UN building in New York city, Julian and company reunite Leo and Napoleon. Julian suggests his special school for the talented gifted as a safe place for Napoleon to develop his powers. As Leo and Napoleon are heading for a long black limousine, Traveler notices a peculiarly colored mud on the bottom of his shoes, something he recognizes as mostly like originating from Haiti. He remembers the shapeshifter and his companion who were also pursuing Napoleon in Haiti, just as the door of their car closes.

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