Thad the Streetwise Gambler Personality

Medieval_gambling_cardsThad is a sub-personality Dr. Blake created as a survival mechanism. Thad is an unscrupulous gambler willing to take advantage of anyone who crosses his path, however naïve they may be. Thad is at home in the shadows on the edge of the truly illegal. He is an opportunist and willing to resort to violence, but he’s not a casual killer.

Thad (AKA: Thaddeus Blake, The Monster)
Streetwise Gambler
Compulsive gambler, Smooth talking opportunist, Eye for the ladies, Self-inflicted multiple personality disorder (extreme mental consequence)
Crime 5, Perception 5, Discipline 4, Fists 4, Manipulation 4, Engineering 3, Guns 3, Resources 3, Subterfuge 3, Athletics 2, Contacting 2, Endurance 2, Drive 2, Weapons 1, Knowledge 1, Pilot 1, Strength 1
Passive Telepathy (4)
I Just Pick Stuff Up: Thad is a master at reading people. He can sometimes pick out important surface thoughts from those around him, particularly if they are thoughts directed at him. Great for not being surprised by an attack and for playing poker. Targets use Discipline to resist. (Passive Surface Telepathy 4. Involuntary -2, Subtly +2. Diff 4.)
See it coming: Thad can use his ability to pickup the thoughts of those he is fighting to his advantage. If his power rating is greater then their Discipline then Thad gets a +2 to counter their attacks. (Passive Maneuver 4. Diff 4.)
Advanced Demolitions Expert
Thad can use Engineering with a +2 to create, place, disarm recognize and otherwise deal with explosives. (4 pts.)
3 Refresh
3 Physical, 4 Mental, 2 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social

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