The Monster Personality – Your Worst Nightmare

FearThe Monster is a psychopathic predator personality that appeared when Dr. Blake fractured his personality in an attempt to escape from the research facility he was imprisoned in. The Monster can sense and exploit your very worst fears and wants nothing more then to make those fears real for you.

The Monster (AKA: Thaddeus Blake, Thad)
Your Worst Nightmare
Self-inflicted multiple personality disorder (extreme mental consequence)
Presence 7, Perception 6, Subterfuge 6, Discipline 5, Rapport 5, Endurance 4, Survival 4, Athletics 3, Strategy 3, Knowledge 2, Weapons 2, Fists 1, Strength 1
Master of All Fear (6)
Aura of fear: The Monster can create an aura of crushing fear that affects all those around him. Targets counter with Discipline. (Passive Mental Attack 4. AOE 1. Diff 6.)
Know your Nightmares: The Monster has a keen sense of what you most fear and assess and declare fear related aspects. (Assess/Declare Fears 6. Diff 6.)
Palpable fear: The Monster can focus fear intense enough to cause physical pain. (Attack 6, Range 2. Requires a fear based aspect -2. Diff 6.)
3 Refresh
4 Physical, 4 Mental, 4 Social
1/1/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social

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