Myriad the Many Faced Fanatic


Myriad is fanatically dedicated to fighting the threat that meta-humans represent. He has created a small unit he calls CG (Capture Group) which tracks dangerous supers and finds ways to imprison, eliminate, or make use of them.

Appears in

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Many Faced Fanatic
Keep it small, keep it agile, keep it secret; I have to save the world from meta-humans; By whatever means necessary; Leader of the Capture Group
Resources 5, Strategy 5, Contacts 4, Discipline 4, Knowledge 3, Politics 3, Subterfuge 3, Manipulation 2, Perception 2, Rapport 2, Crime 1, Drive 1, Pilot 1
Body Control (4) – Personal bio-manipulation to the cellular level
Myriad of Faces: Myriad can take on any human form. He can perfectly mimic another person’s appearance, voice, and even scent. (+4 Subterfuge to copy someone’s appearance. Diff 4.)
Mind over Matter: Myriad’s control of his body allows him to boost his physical abilities, but at the cost of suffering exhaustion when the effect wears off. (Enhance physical abilities 5, Investment (at least) -2. Continuous on “adrenal manipulation” +3. Diff 4.)
Pain Manipulation: +1 Physical Stress Marks, +1 Minor and +1 Major Consequence (4 pts.)
Deep Cover Identities
Myriad has a number of carefully crafted deep cover identities which he can use to get extra resources or political clout when needed. +2 to Politics, or Contacts when there is the time and ability to invoke a deep cover identity. (2 pts.)
5 Refresh
3 Physical, 4 Mental, 2 Social
2/2/1 Physical, 1/1/1 Mental, 1/1/1 Social
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