Chapter Six – The Orphans of Haiti – Session 23

Session 23


[Third session using FATE]

As the limo with Myriad and Napoleon speeds away and Traveler blinks into the backseat. He’s momentarily distracted by two identical Napoleons and the driver of the limo uses that moment to fire a few shots into Traveler. From a sniper’s vantage point Myriad’s mercenary, Caine, fires a rocket to destroy Julian’s car and keep the rest of the PCs from being able to follow Napoleon.

Connor immediately takes to the air in pursuit of the limo. The limo ends up crashing to a halt in traffic not too far away.

Connor and Julian catch up to the crash and the mercenary Caine launches a zipline from his perch to the fight now erupting by the limo.

Caine tosses a grenade at a nearby tour bus. Traveler blinks across the battlefield to the top of the bus, catches the grenade and tosses it far enough into air to cause no harm.

During the fight Myriad’s driver sneaks away with Napoleon into the nearby department store and Dr. Blake dominates the minds of some black guard who arrived late on the scene. Myriad takes a face from the crowd gathering around the crash and disappears.

Connor and Traveler follow the driver into the mall, and fight their way through Phr33k who controls the internal security of the mall, and a few black guard who try unsuccessfully to ambush them.

At a skybridge linking the mall to a nearby building with a helicopter pad on it they run into Caine again. He can’t stop them with his guns but he does try to bluff them with a detonator and a package of c4 he dropped earlier by the limo.

Connor calls Caine’s bluff and discovers that he doesn’t have the detonator for the c4 downstairs but he did have time to setup some explosives on the skybridge.

Connor dodges most of the explosives and Traveler blinks across the gap, the mercenary and the remaining black guard use their zip lines to cross from the skybridge to the roof of the neighboring building where a black guard  helicopter is waiting.

On the roof Myriad is waiting in the helicopter, but Connor cuts off the driver and Napoleon and convinces Napoleon to look into the future and to consider where he would be better off.

Napoleon decides to come with Connor and by the time he and Connor and Traveler reach the street outside the department store, Julian has worked the crowd into cheers and clapping the child rescuing heroes.

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