Scene 9 – Introducing the Final Chapter

The next session will be the start of Chapter 7 – Viridian Shining in the Darkness. It will take place in early Dec 2012. Which is about two years after you rescued Napoleon.

During that time the world has become darker and tenser. There is an ever present threat of large scale conflict breaking out between humans and metas.

For every good thing that Viridian accomplishes there comes an incident of a meta wreaking crazy havoc with their powers.

There is a new militant meta activist who calls himself War Avatar. You’ve been watch him closely. So far he only talks about fighting back against the normals.

His complaints are legitimate however. Metas are disappearing. The Black Guard has been deputized in a number of countries to perform law enforcement actions dealing with metas.

The US government is allowing the FBI to indefinitely detain metas who’ve allegedly used their powers in crimes and even those who haven’t broken any laws but just can’t control their dangerous powers. Viridian is constantly dealing with complaints about this.

You have accomplished a great deal, despite all this.

In march 2011 Julian attended the Oscar awards ceremony. A young Hispanic meta man hijacked the ceremony with the help of a meta inventor called the Mad Scientist and Caine, the mercenary you encountered previously. It also happened that Morgan, the sorceress, and her witch colleague, Selina were there.

The Mad Scientist created an impenetrable force field around the hotel where the awards were held, and also made it impossible for the tv networks to terminate the live broadcast so the young man could publicly demand the release of his sister who he believed had been disappeared by the government.

Julian managed to talk the kid down and keep anyone from getting killed while juggling Morgan and Selina’s attentions without making either one jealous, and not getting killed by the Mad Scientist, and while convincing Caine to defect to Viridian and inform on his former employer, Myriad. And he did it all while looking good on live television.

Caine’s information helped Dr. Blake single handedly disassemble the organization that Myriad had built in his misguided attempt to protect the USA from what he perceived to be meta threats. From Myriad’s safe houses, to his stolen identity as a senator, all the metas he exploited or imprisoned, and all the information that his compatriot Phr33k stole from governments and industries. It all quietly resolved itself without anyone having any idea that anything was wrong.

One piece of Phr33k’s work was not so easy to clean up, however. Remember the Silver Warrior in the Congo? Well she’s a meta inventor who created advanced armor and weapons and especially robots. She used the robots to stabilize Congo and then to execute a bloodless coup. Then she put the robots to work mining the Congo’s rich veins of rare earth minerals. Then she instituted a scheme for dividing the profits from the mining amongst the Congolese people. However, she also built an advanced AI computer to run the robot factory and to coordinate the mining operations. A cartel of global mining companies paid Myriad and Phr33k a lot of money to sabotage the Silver Warrior’s efforts in the Congo. Phr33k used his ability to infiltrate any electronics to reach out the Silver Warrior’s AI and hack it. He only managed to make it malfunction in a world threatening SkyNet kind of way. Connor and Traveler had to fight their way through literal armies of robot warriors to reach the deep jungle factory fortress of the AI and shut it down.

British Petroleum contacted Julian about a piece of video from one of their deepwater horizon monitors which their lawyers hoped Julian would verify showed the Ice Man sabotaging the blowout preventer that caused the gulf oil spill.

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