Brave New Heroes and Fate Core (or What Would I Do Different?)

Powered-by-Fate-Final-Light-BG (386px)

Brave New Heroes was a pre-Core Fate game that came to a conclusion a while ago. The rules I used were custom, but heavily influenced by the Dresden Files RPG. This was my first experience with Fate and the rules worked well, but now that Fate Core has been out long enough for me to run a couple of other games with it, I’ve been contemplating updating some of the old Brave New Heroes characters to Fate Core to see how much clearer and simpler it would be.

Maybe the biggest lesson I’ve learned since BNH ended is that there is no single construct that can comfortable encompass all the types of powers you might want in a superhero game. In Brave New Heroes I went through a couple of revisions where I tried to find a single mechanic for every kind of power, but I was ultimately unsatisfied because there is so much variation. I think a better approach is to use the existing game constructs to build each power on a case by case basis. For example: Is teleportation a stunt based power or a skill based power? Well, it could be either one depending on the character. One with stunt based teleport can do a couple of specific things with it, and it mostly helps him use his other skills. However, if a character has an entire skill devoted to teleportation she can do much much more with teleportation.


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