Central London is destroyed.

We can no longer ignore it.

There are too many of them now.

People with extraordinary abilities are appearing everywhere.

We don’t know why. We can’t tell who. The only question we can answer is…

How will we respond.

— Guy Haines, Prime Minister

Brave New Heroes is a (Pre Fate Core) Fate based game which imagines the consequences of magic and superpowers appearing in our modern world.

It’s a campaign that I’ve been running for a few years starting Hero System and recently converting to a customized Fate rules-set.

You can catch up on the narrative side of things by reading The Story So Far… or you can find out more about the Fate rules FATE RPG Category

One response to “About

  1. Hi Dan B.
    I’m new, very new, to blogging but not to rpg.
    I would like to hear/see your oppinion on my work on my blog, ogrumme.wordpress.com

    I have never tested the d20modern system, but am working on a campaign in it. Have you ever played that, yourself?

    See my, short, blog under Roleplaying. please!

    I will blog more later.

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